Definitions for "co-op"
Cooperative Education experience (usually 1-3 semesters in length) that offers academic credit for work performed for an employer related to your major.
The Cooperative Education Program office coordinates alternating semesters of work as an apprentice engineer and enrollment in classes at Clemson. Location: 321 Brackett Hall.
An apartment building whose apartments are owned, rather than rented, by the building's tenants
a rarer animal found in some major metropolitan areas, especially New York City
a rarer animal limited to major metropolitan areas
The practice of a national brand subsidizing local advertising costs incurred by a company that sells its product. Typically, the national brand has stringent rules about the advertisement in which the product appears. SUN, Pepsi, and Cadillac are just a few of the thousands of brands that make co-op dollars available.
an effective way of expanding your advertising reach in an affordable way
The sharing of advertising costs between a manufacturer and distributor or dealer. Common to all media.
a college student who works full-time for a period of several months either during the Fall Tour (Aug-Dec), Spring Tour (Jan-May) or Summer Tour (May-Aug)
a student who is employed for a minimum of five months and works a minimum of twenty hours a week
a three-way partnership between a student, an employer, and a college or university
a community of people working together to meet their mutual needs
a haven for people who want to make decisions for themselves as an autonomous group
a non-competitive living agreement between people
a free craft home employment job where you can gain practical experience -- and free freelance writing jobs earn free homebased businesses little money
a short-term job where you can gain practical experience -- and even earn a little money
a cost-effective way to meet hiring needs and evaluate potential staff
The joint funding (e.g., by a retailers and manufacturers) of marketing communications activity. Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
a democratically controlled organization, whereas a non-profit organization is not
a way for primary producers to market their product without a middleman, in an attempt to increase profits
a hybrid of personalty and realty because it involves ownership of stock and rights to real estate
The system of having paid work placements, usually four to eight months, as a component of a program of study.
a paid practical work placement
a paid work experience in a professional setting
a semester-long internship with a company
a program run by Life Christian Academy, and Life Christian Academy is a ministry of River of Life Church
a strategy, but it's not the strategy
a structured educational strategy integrating classroom studies with learning through productive work experiences in a field related to a student's academic or career goals
a group of up to ten shares who split driving responsibilities
1. an arrangement between 2 real estate agents that generally results in splitting the commission between them. 2. a type of housing in which each tenant is a shareholder in a omission.
a commercial enterprise run for the benefit of its owners.
a grocery store run by the community for the community
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a business, not a social club
a buyers' club of sorts
a different way to do business
a company formed to create and operate defined living spaces within a building
Co-operative multiplayer, where you and other players team up against the game.
Co-operative play.
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a great idea
an organization that takes the idea of working together and puts it into a business structure
a group that purchases food in bulk to distribute it to its members at discount prices
a house where interaction among members is essential to the set of goals it sets for itself
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Pledged Account Buydown
One interactive combination by two or more players on a team. A second combination or throw within the team constitutes a separate co-op for judging purposes.
a sequenced set of graduate courses, designed around a topic or need
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a lot like a marriage, from what I observe
a formal program established between a college or university and a sponsoring organization
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a gathering space
Any exchange of links by a group (this does not include direct person to person exchanges).
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a form of a marketing board
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a very different type of home purchase