Definitions for "Coordinate"
an x,y location in a Cartesian coordinate system or an x,y,z location in a three dimensional matrix. Coordinates represent locations in relation to other locations.
An x,y location in a Cartesian coordinate system or an x,y,z coordinate in a three dimensional system. Coordinates represent locations on the Earth's surface relative to other locations.
A point that can be referenced by its position on the x-,y-, or z-axes of a plotter or router. The use of line or arc segments to connect coordinates creates paths for knives orbits to follow when cutting or routing an image.
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To bring into common action or condition so as to harmonize by regulating, changing, adjusting, or combining. See ASSEMBLE.
(co OR di nate) v: to bring into proper order or relation The corps staff?s primary emphasis is on planning and coordinating combat support operations.
bring order and organization to; "Can you help me organize my files?"
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Coordinate terms are nouns or verbs that have the same hypernym .
Coordinate terms are words that have the same hypernym.
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Linked grammatical elements which have equal status: two clauses may be coordinate ( Fui al parque comí un bocadillo) or one may be subordinate to the other ( No dije nada al chico que me preguntó la hora).
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kou5C:dinit / v. organize an activity so that the people involved in it work well together and achieve a good result
Parameter which can be used to define a "way of being" of a real one. The time is this for the matter. Any determination competing for other for the definition and the preaching being of a real one.
A systematic exchange of information among principal participants in order to carry out a unified response in the event of an emergency.
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a specific pixel on the screen
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of equal importance, rank, or degree
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To act or work together; to unite in producing an effect.