Definitions for "Cmd"
Keywords:  cmos, transistor, ccd, sensor, aps
Charge Modulated Device, an active image sensor derived from CCD pixel technology and CMOS transistor technology.
Charge Modulated Device is an active pixel sensor (APS), using a pixel structure borrowed from CCD technology. Two transistors reside in each pixel producing a high fill factor. CMDs also use CMOS technologies to produce images.
Conventional Munitions Disposal
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Center for Media and Democracy
Software tool for configuration and diagnosis of Interbus networks
Count median diameter. Term used to characterise the size distribution of particles in an aerosol. 50% of particles are of diameter less that the count median diameter
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Chairman-cum-Managing Director
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Complete Magic Database
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Capital Military District
a client program for general engineering commands.
Command (file name extension)
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Consumer Markets Division