Definitions for "CLUTCH"
A device which is used for coupling shafting, etc., so as to transmit motion, and which may be disengaged at pleasure.
Any device for gripping an object, as at the end of a chain or tackle.
An earring back, also called a push back, which uses friction to secure itself against an earring post and hold an earring against the ear.
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The nest complement of eggs of a bird.
A clutch is the total number of eggs produced and incubated by parent birds at the same time. The term "clutch size" often found in bird guides and handbooks simply refers to the number of eggs typically produced, e.g. 5 to 7.
A nest of eggs or a brood of chicks
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A gripe or clinching with, or as with, the fingers or claws; seizure; grasp.
The hands, claws, or talons, in the act of grasping firmly; -- often figuratively, for power, rapacity, or cruelty; as, to fall into the clutches of an adversary.
To seize, clasp, or grip with the hand, hands, or claws; -- often figuratively; as, to clutch power.
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A mechanical device acting automatically to prevent the fall of an elevator, or cage, in case of an accident to the hoisting apparatus. Once I seen a human ruin In an elevator-well, And his members was bestrewin' All the place where he had fell. And I says, apostrophisin' That uncommon woful wreck: "Your position's so surprisin' That I tremble for your neck!" Then that ruin, smilin' sadly And impressive, up and spoke: "Well, I wouldn't tremble badly, For it's been a fortnight broke." Then, for further comprehension Of his attitude, he begs I will focus my attention On his various arms and legs -- How they all are contumacious; Where they each, respective, lie; How one trotter proves ungracious, T'other one an _alibi_. These particulars is mentioned For to show his dismal state, Which I wasn't first intentioned To specifical relate. None is worser to be dreaded That I ever have heard tell Than the gent's who there was spreaded In that elevator-well. Now this tale is allegoric -- It is figurative all, For the well is metaphoric And the feller didn't fall. I opine it isn't moral For a writer-man to cheat, And despise to wear a laurel As was gotten by deceit. For 'tis Politics intended By the elevator, mind, It will boost a person splendid If his talent is the kind. Col. Bryan had the talent (For the busted man is him) And it shot him up right gallant Till his head begun to swim. Then the rope it broke above him And he painful come to earth Where there's nobody to love him For his detrimented worth. Though he's livin' none would know him, Or at leastwise not as such. Moral of this woful poem: Frequent oil your safety-clutch. Porfer Poog
Compact purse that does not have a shoulder strap and is carried "clutched" in the hand. Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by Andersen777 () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
take hold of; grab; "The salesclerk quickly seized the money on the counter"; "She clutched her purse"; "The mother seized her child by the arm"; "Birds of prey often seize small mammals"
a handbag which does not have handles and is meant to be carried in the hand
a bag with no handles that must be carried clasped in one hand or under the arm.
a handbag without straps or handles that must be held – or “clutched” – by you. Clutches are usually small evening bags, and were popularized during the 1950â€(tm)s. Lucia bronze snakeskin clutch
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An attachment for securing the top of a cymbal to a moveable central rod.
a mechanical assembly, used to connect a
The clamping mechanism that holds the top hi-hat cymbal to the pull rod.
to become too tense or frightened to perform properly; used sometimes with up; as, he clutched up on the exam.
a tense critical situation; "he is a good man in the clutch"
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The receiving component which slides over an earpost on an earring to keep the earring attached to the ear. Also referred to as Earnut or Back.
a device that is used to secure a piece of jewelry, such as backings for earrings
Finding used to fasten post earrings.
CLUTCH was a literary magazine begun in 1991 by co-editors Dan Hodge and Lawrence Oberc in Lexington, Kentucky.
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A fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series of the 1980s, Lance J. Steinberg is better known as Clutch, one of G.I.
The rocky anchorage favored by oysers as footing Conch
In American sports terminology, "clutch" means performing well under extreme pressure. It often refers to high levels of production in a critical game (such as Game 7 of a best-of-seven series), the last hole of a Major Championship golf tournament, or the final minute(s) in a close match. Being "clutch" is often (perhaps erroneously) seen by sportswriters and fans as an innate skill to be possessed—some players have it, some players do not.
Clutch is a musical group from Germantown, Maryland in the United States. They have been playing together since the early 1990s, producing records at a rate of approximately one per year. They released their first EP, Pitchfork, in October of 1991.
tea/intermission length
Clutch is the second full-length album by rock band Clutch. It was released in 1995 (see 1995 in music), and contains 13 songs. It is the band's biggest-selling album to date with total sales in the US at over 200,000 copies.
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Purpose designed 'chain system' forging that allows a link of sling chain to be grabbed in order to shorten the overall length of the chain. The forging ensures the grabbed link is correctly loaded and no link is trapped or damaged. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
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A device on a reel that allows the angler to set the breaking strain of fishing line
refers to the entirety of a female's reproductive effort in a given breeding season.
A good performance in a pressure situation. Opposite of choke.
Pressure situation; a player that responds well to pressure.
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Performance in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period and OT when the score difference is zero or one goal.
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a wear item, but it should not be wearing out within three or four months of the purchase of a vehicle
a collection of things or persons to be handled together