Definitions for "Cluster headaches"
Headache pain comes from the tissues around the brain, attaching structures at the base of the brain, the muscles and blood vessels of the scalp, face, and neck. Cluster headaches may be related specifically to blood vessel dilation or to inflammation of nerves behind the eye. During active periods, factors that may trigger attacks include alcohol, high altitude, bright sunlight, exertion, foods high in nitrites, and drugs that dilate the blood vessels (nitroglycerine and various blood pressure medications). Possible treatment: Periferal Nerve Block.
Recommendation Lithium"...Lithium levels should be checked and kept within, or even slightly below, the therapeutic range for bipolar disorder, namely 0..."
Recommendation Magnesium"People who suffer from cluster headaches often have low blood levels of magnesium, and preliminary trials show that intravenous magnesium injections may relieve a cluster headache episode..."