Definitions for "Cloudy"
Lacking clearness, brightness, or luster.
Obvious. The opposite of Brilliant.
lacking definite form or limits; "gropes among cloudy issues toward a feeble conclusion"- H.T.Moore; "nebulous distinction between pride and conceit"
Overcast or obscured with clouds; clouded; as, a cloudy sky.
Confused; indistinct; obscure; dark.
1. The character of the sunrise or sunset when the disk of the sun is hidden at these times by clouds or an obscuring phenomenon. Compare clear. 2. In popular usage, the state of the weather when clouds predominate at the expense of sunlight, or obscure the stars at night. In weather forecast terminology, expected cloud cover of about 0.7 or more warrants the use of this term. Compare clear, partly cloudy.
Indicating gloom, anxiety, sullenness, or ill-nature; not open or cheerful.
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No sunshine visible.
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What you do want when it's time to paint outside. What you do not want from an exterior, clear caulk when it gets cold outside.
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Marked with veins or sports of dark or various hues, as marble.
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Consisting of a cloud or clouds.