Definitions for "closing"
The finalizing of the sale of a property, as its title is transferred from the seller to the buyer. also called settlement.
final or ending; terminal; as, the closing stages of the election; the closing weeks of the year; the closing scene of the film; closing remarks. Opposite of opening.
a concluding action.
Compound Interest Credit History Customer Incentive
Compound Interest Credit Ratio Customer Incentive
Cosigner Credit Ratio Customer Incentive
Binary or gray-scale morphological operation that is accomplished by performing a dilation operation followed by an erosion operation.. This cleans up the image by removing small holes and then returning the remaining objects to their original size.
In , the closing of a 2-dimensional set () A by another set B is the erosion of the dilation of that set,
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The published deadline for export cargoes or containers to be accepted for a sailing of the carrier. CY Closing is applicable to FCLs and CFS Closing is applicable to LCLs. Normally, CFS Closing is around 24 hours ahead of CY Closing, depending of the complexities of export customs clearance formalities at the country. See “ Late-Come “ .
Closing is the canonical declaration by the Archbishop in consultation with the Priests’ Council that a parish ceases to exist. Members of the parish join one of the neighboring parishes.
The closing of a current bet by placing a second bet of the same size in the opposite direction to the first. The effect is to finish the bet at the point when it is closed whether at a profit or a loss meaning that the gambler has no financial interest in that market for the duration of the event unless they decide to rejoin the market at a later time. Sounds complicated - but isn't! See tutorial page for an example.
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Bandit/bogey/target is getting closer in range.
The process of satisfying all template instantiations for a set of link units.
The process of terminating the bidding process. [D02470] RMW
The process of securing a purchase commitment from a prospect by requesting and obtaining the prospect's agreement to submit an application for the coverage recommended in a sales proposal.
The step in the selling process in which the salesperson asks the prospect to buy the product or products. p. 526
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When a bankruptcy case is closed, it is no longer on the court's docket.
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Assembling the lid onto the base of the box.
The date on which a financing or acquisition closes or is formally completed (also known as completion).
See Date of Completion.
A period of time, usually less than seven days, after a registration statement is effective and the offering commences, giving the underwriters time to receive payment for the securities
The specific time and place that all contracts associated with the loan are executed.
Actions and procedures required to effect the documentation and disbursement of loan funds after the application has been approved, and the execution of all required documentation and its filing and recordation where required.
Refers to the calendar date when your new loan becomes effective and your old loan(s) are paid off. The closing date is important for calculating the principal and interest required to pay off your old loans, and becomes the date when you begin accruing interest on your new loan.
In an underwriting, the company delivers share certificates, and the underwriters pay for the shares they have sold, less their commissions and expenses. The closing date is generally a week after the effective date of the underwriting. In a direct public offering, there will be a date when the offering closes and no more orders are accepted. An allocation is then made when more shares have been ordered than were offered, and certificates are mailed to the new shareholders.
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the last section of a communication.
The time that the last bid will be accepted - the end of the auction.
A closing is an appointment on possession day at the builder's head office where the homeowner's keys are turned over and any funds owing are paid to the builder.
close of escrow - The date and time of the transfers of one owner to another. *see Recordation
Closing the books refers to procedures that take place at the end of an accounting period. Adjusting entries are made, and then the income and expense accounts are "closed." The net profit that results from the closing of the income and expense accounts is transferred to an equity account such as retained earnings.
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Reversing an original position by selling what you have bought or buying back what you have sold.
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See Shipping.
Homeowner's Insurance Private Mortgage Insurance
repayment of a mortgage debt in periodic payments over the length of the loan term. Payments usually include principal and interest.
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the act of closing something.
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termination of operations.
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Closing Costs Closing Statement
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Note Rate
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The day that money changes hands.