Definitions for "closed"
Keywords:  undeveloped, flavour, aroma, shy, dumb
Generally refers to a young wine that is not yet revealing fruit or flavor.
A tasting term to describe a wine where there is no, or very little, aroma or flavour. Many wines, after the exuberant flavours they offer in youth, 'close down' in this way before they 'open out' again as they enter a mature phase.
a wine that does not give off aromas. This is possibly due to recent bottling. Dumb is a synonym. Concentration - All grapes have certain tastes and flavours that are indigenous to them. Concentration just goes to measure how intense and prominent these flavours are.
having an opening obstructed.
Being in a position to obstruct an opening; -- especially of doors.
having skin drawn so as to obstruct the opening; -- used of mouth or eyes. Opposite of open.
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closed with shutters.
with shutters closed
Describing a betting round, theCondition that no player is eligible to raise, either because the last raise wasCalled by all players, or because theCap was reached. Describing a poker game, one in which each player'sCards areConcealed from all opponents. SeeClosed.
(aka: "closed clubface", "closed stance") can apply to the alignment of the body/stance or the clubface - for a right-handed player the stance would be closed if the body were aligned to the right of the target and a closed clubface would be aimed to the left of the target
Describing a betting round, the condition that no player is eligible to raise, either because the last raise was called by all players, or because the cap was reached. Describing a poker game, one in which each player's cards are concealed from all opponents. See closed.
blocked against entry; "a closed porch"
Closed earcups, particularly when combined with circumarual earpads, virtually block out external noise, thereby providing a great degree of isolation.
SYSTEM - one that does not require external inputs or produce external outputs, a completely isolated system.
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requiring union membership; -- of a workplace; as, a closed shop.
When a team has scored 3 Marks on the same number or Bull's Eye in Cricket.
used especially of mouth or eyes; "he sat quietly with closed eyes"; "his eyes were shut against the sunlight"
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Where this is indicated it means that certain collections or the entire collection in a particular repository is not available for research. In many cases this closure is for a limited period of time and often is in operation while the collection/collections is being catalogued or listed before being made available to researchers.
generally denotes that an area is not available for a particular use or uses; refer to specific definitions found in law, regulations, or policy guidance for application to individual programs. For example, 43 CFR 8340.0-5 sets forth the specific meaning of “closed” as it relates to OHV use, and 43 CFR 8364 defines “closed” as it relates to closure and restriction orders.
Solicitation status when proposals will no longer be accepted for a given solicitation.
Production of this item was limited by either time or quantity and it is no longer available from the manufacturer.
Closed is a Cybersettle case status. A Closed case is no longer available for the entering of settlement figures. Only a Cybersettle Administrator or Case Creator may close or reopen a closed Cybersettle case. A Case may be closed for the following reasons: Case Settled Offline
unsympathetic; -- of a person's attitude.
A style of setting in which there is metal under the stone so that it is not exposed to light.
Cut Valley: A method of valley treatments in which shingles from one side of the valley extend across the valley while shingles from the other side are trimmed 2" from the valley centerline. The valley flashing is not exposed.
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hidden from the public; as, a closed ballot.
Keywords:  racket, struck, angle, ball, top
a racket angle that allows the top of the ball to be struck
Keywords:  baffle, sewn, comforter, diamond, true
Construction Term used to describe comforter construction where the filling is not allowed to move between chambers. Examples of closed construction are: True Baffle Box, Sewn-through box, and Sewn-through Diamond Box.
Keywords:  turnout, routing, straight, main, leg
the position of a turnout that is set so that the routing is through the straight leg or set for the main line.
Account has been completely removed from the program. No further activity, including payments or inquires will take place on this account.
Keywords:  referral, value
A "Y" or "N" value used to close a referral.
Keywords:  shelved, desk, circulation, ask, behind
Materials that are shelved behind the Circulation Desk; you must ask for them
loop control -any system in which part of the output is fed back to the input to effect a regulatory action, and in which the controlled quantity is measured and compared with a standard representing the desired performance. Any deviation from the standard is fed back into the control system in such a sense as to reduce the deviation.
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closed or fastened with or as if with buttons.
of a curve or surface: having no end points or boundary curves; of a set: having members that can be produced by a specific operation on other members of the same set; of an interval: containing both its endpoints.
When maximum enrollment in a course has been met, no more students can be accommodated.
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(of the wings of birds and insects) closed together
FRACTURE. Loss of continuity of a bone without contact of the bone with the outside environment
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made compact by bending or doubling over; as, a closed map.
A 'closed' commodity is not available in the main Commodity Market and so is effectively not on sale. You can put the item on sale simply by updating the Closed indicator. This is useful if you have no more of an item in stock but are expecting more in. You can take the commodity off-sale and put it back on later very easily using this indicator.
End Lease: A lease in which you are not responsible for the difference if the actual value of the item at the scheduled end of the lease is less than the residual value, but you may be responsible for excess wear: and: use charges and for other lease requirements.
Access is not available. For example a "closed network architecture" is one that does not enable other systems to interconnect.
not engaged in activity; -- of an organization or business establishment.
Keywords:  surrounded, walls
surrounded by walls.
The exchange that a particular security is traded on is closed.