Definitions for "close out"
Keywords:  checker, opponent, bar, reviled, wait
When you have totally blocked out your opponent's checker(s) on the bar by covering all the points in your home board. The opponent must wait until a point opens before he can roll the dice again.
That is a good achievement but risky as well. A close out is a situation when a players blocks out all is home board with checkers (2 at least in each point) while the other player's checker or checkers are on the bar waiting to get in. this forces the player to wait and pass his turn until on point is freed or a blot. However this is a risky situation because it happens many times that a blot is reviled in the player home board and this blot is hit. Then from a very dominant position the player who made close out, becomes the inferior and now has to start all over with the hit checker.
A tactic by which one creates a prime in one's home board, while one's opponent has one or more checkers on the bar.
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Instead of breaking across, the wave breaks all at once so the surfer can not ride across the wave. Not good
A wave that breaks all along its length at the same time and thus cannot be ridden. Also used when a whole bay is useless for surf as the waves are too big, broken, etc.
When a wave breaks as a whole section rather than peeling across
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same as offset
To undertake a trade to offset an original futures trade. For example, a trade opened through buying futures contracts would be closed out by selling the same quantity of futures contracts (and vice versa)
A transaction which leaves the trade with a zero net commitment to the market. A purchase if the initial transaction was a sale and vice versa.
Elimination or reduction of a current long or short position by making an opposite...
sell all the goods, sell the whole of smth – Ñ€Ð3/4зпрÐ3/4
To liquidate a position or fulfil an obligation by taking an equal and opposite position, eg. a trader who has bought a futures contract would close-out, or get out of the contract, by taking out a contract to sell.
To complete a binder through issuance of the corresponding policy.
The managerial process of finalizing the project. During this process, all physical work is completed, project records are filed, required closure notifications are distributed, and necessary or requested audits are conducted.
The act of completing all internal procedures and funding agency requirements to terminate or complete a project.
make impossible, especially beforehand
Occurs concurrently with or subsequent to an agency decision to write off a debt for which the agency has determined that future additional collection attempts would be futile.
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the completion of work on a project.
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See liquidate.