Definitions for "Cloning Vector"
A molecule that carries a foreign gene into a host, and allows/facilitates the multiplication of that gene in a host. When sequencing a gene that has been cloned using a cloning vector (rather than by PCR), care should be taken not to include the cloning vector sequence when performing similarity searches. Plasmids, cosmids, phagemids, YACs and PACs are example types of cloning vectors.
Genetic element, usually a bacteriophage or plasmid, that is used to carry a fragment of DNA into a recipient cell for the purpose of gene cloning.
An autonomously replicating genetic element used to carry a cDNA or fragment of genomic DNA into a host cell for the purpose of gene cloning. Commonly used vectors are bacterial plasmids and modified bacteriophage genomes. ( Figures 7-3 and 7-12)