Definitions for "Cloning"
Making many identical copies of a cell or a DNA molecule. The use of specialized DNA technology to produce multiple, exact copies of a single gene or cell. Reproductive cloning creates an embryo that grows into a genetic copy of the organism from which the cell was taken, resulting in a complete, genetically identical animal such as the famous Scottish sheep, Dolly. Therapeutic cloning creates an embryo from which stem cells are extracted and theoretically used to treat conditions like Alzheimer's or organ failure.
The production of a precise genetic copy of a molecule (including DNA), cell, tissue, plant, or animal.
Means of isolating particular parts of the genome in small fragments of DNA and making copies of and studying the sequence in another organism. Can also mean the process of producing by nonsexual means an identical copy of an organisms. Examples could i
Criminals with specialist equipment can capture identity codes from analogue mobile phones and create "clone" IDs allowing them to charge calls to your mobile phone account. Most mobile phone companies will normally refund the costs of such stolen phone calls - it is essential to check your bills carefully. Digital phones cannot be cloned in this way and are less vulnerable to eavesdropping than analogue phones.
Cellular cloning occurs when a criminal uses sophisticated equipment to capture a customer's phone and serial numbers when a call is being made. The criminal can program these numbers into another phone to make illegal calls.
duplicating animals or plants without sexual reproduction.
Linkage Stromal
Linkage Scoliosis
Linkage Strand
Ligands Specificity
Ligands Satellite
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In the Tivoli environment, an operation that enables a Tivoli administrator to replicate profiles. This capability simplifies the task of creating multiple profiles with similar properties. See also prototype profile.
Growing cells in a laboratory that are exact replications of one another.
The act of replicating one device's MAC address onto another to work around restrictions that prevent only particular MAC addresses from connecting to a network. Also sometimes called "spoofing."
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Initiation Sarcoma
The creation of a new account with a new SID in a target domain that mirrors the account in the source domain in the context of a migration.
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Infections Sperm
Loop Sperm
an important aspect of science as forensic science involves many
a central technology in molecular biology
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cuttings taken from old tea bushes to produce new tea bushes; today most tea bushes are grown from clones or cuttings taken from older bushes
The process of sampling one area of an digital image to cover unwanted areas, e.g. replacing scratches with surrounding background to re-touch the image.
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Scientific technique for creating clones.
an example wherein a round typically comprises only one cycle
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Infections Resolving