Definitions for "Climax"
The highest point; the greatest degree.
High point of dramatic action, where all its elements come to focus as the protagonist faces the antagonist in the ultimate confrontation.
the peak or turning point of the action in a story, just before the main conflict is resolved
Upward movement; steady increase; gradation; ascent.
Mature stage of a forest during which biodiversity is great but net wood production small
The culminating stage in plant succession for a given site. Most forests in the PNW are a Hemlock tree overstory climax forest, but because of natural fire, most forests are really a Douglas Fir overstory.
A figure in which the parts of a sentence or paragraph are so arranged that each succeeding one rises above its predecessor in impressiveness.
A type of geared steam locomotive used primarily by logging railroads. The locomotive's twin cylinders drive a crankshaft aligned parallel with the axles; power is transmitted to the trucks through an arrangement of bevel gears and a driveshaft; rods couple the axles on each truck.
arrangement of clauses in ascending order of forcefulness
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
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The most exciting, tense or interesting part of a play.
A semi-archaic word referring to the peak of a female's sexual arousal. Before Masters and Johnson established in the 1970s that females have orgasms very similar to the male orgasm, the word orgasm was used exclusively to describe male sexual response.
another word for orgasm or the peak of sexual excitement
A large increase or decrease in the price of a security accompanied by large volume. The price change should gap, indicating a completion of a price increase or decrease cycle.