Definitions for "Clients"
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Individuals who buy promotional products from distributors.
Anyone who hires an individual or company to provide landscape service or a product, such as a homeowner who hires a nursery to landscape his/her property.
an umbrella term referring to individuals and groups who order, buy, receive, use or view art, craft and design products and/or services
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The companies that CLC, Inc. contracts work from. Daily Log: Your personal log containing information on the day's work including the campaign number, times that you call that day, the number of contacts for that day, and the number of credit cards or bonuses collected for that day. Caller Employee Number: When you become a Caller Employee, you will be assigned a Caller Employee Number (CE Number). Most of your transactions will be done with your CMX40 number. If the need should arise, your CMX number is 100 less than your CMX40 number. Example: 9899 CMX number 9999 CMX40 number
software that requests data from a server or the system on which the data is displayed - see also Server
A program that requests information from a server.
Usually refers to diskless server computer. SD-UX is often used from a diskless server to install software.
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Both debtors and creditors are clients of MEP.
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Clients is the second studio album by The Red Chord.
Those whom extension serves through education: adult learners, 4-H youth and adult volunteer leaders. All those who plan and participate in extension's educational programs.
free men and women who were dependent on the nobility - in return for their labor they received small plots of land to work for themselves. (p. 12)
HP desktop, portable, and workstation systems.
The individual or company that sells its accounts ... more
The individual or company that sells its accounts receivable to a factor or other financial entities.
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a requirement