Definitions for "Client application"
An application communicating with HEX servers using HEX API.
(1) An application running on a networked workstation or PC that works in tandem with a server application. (See also server application.) (2)In object linking an embedding, the application containing the destination document.
An application that uses Apple events to request a service (for example, printing a list of files, checking the spelling of a list of words, or performing a numeric calculation) from another application (called a server application). These applications can reside on the same local computer or on remote computers connected to a network.
This is what some FileMaker consultants have potential customers fill out ahead of time to determine whether they have what it takes to be a good client (a lot of money and a pliable personality).
a piece of software which runs on your own machine, it usually has an visual interface of some description to allow you to perform day to day operations
Software that is responsible for the user interface, including menus, data entry screens, and report formats. See also client.
A computer program that integrates with the processing capabilities of another program.
a computer program utilized for creating compound documents