Definitions for "Client"
A radio device that uses the services of an access point to communicate wirelessly with other devices on a local area network.
A user's software program that interacts with a "server" and displays information based on the query from the user (client). A browser is a desktop client that requests information from servers located on the Internet.
It is a Fiswidgets application that runs on the client machine and collects information from the user. This information will be sent to the server to perform tasks on the server machine.
An individual, group or entity authorized to do business with the Land Titles System.
A stored record of a set of files being worked on. In the Perforce database, each client is a uniquely named entity that identifies a workspace location, a set of depot files (the client view), and the status of the workspace copies of those files.
an entity, such as a person, supposed normally to exist and perhaps persist outside the FDL process, with which the FDL interacts Sessions and for which it maintains certain privileges
a person using the services of a designer. In school the client is likely to be the person who is going to use the final product but in the world outside school the client is often a manufacturer and it is their customers who use the final product.
Customer, as of a full-service brokerage. see also discretionary account, order.
A potential or continuing user of a contraceptive method.
The one who engages a broker, lawyer, accountant, appraiser, etc.
The principal to a real estate transaction who employs the agent.
One who employs a broker, a lawyer or and appraiser. A real estate broker´s client can be the seller, the buyer, or both, but is usually the seller.
the party represented by a broker.
A Loyalty Builders customer
The person being represented by an agent. The agent owes the client the duties of utmost care, integrity, confidentiality and loyalty.
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The business that is hiring a model for a specific job.
company who hires the ad agency, pays the model's fee
The advertising agency, company, or photographer that hires talent.
The role adopted by an application when it is retrieving and/or rendering resources or resource manifestations. This term was taken verbatim from Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet.
In Bacula's terminology, the word Client refers to the machine being backed up, and it is synonymous with the File services or File daemon, and quite often, we refer to it as the FD. A Client is defined in a configuration file resource.
An entity that invokes a resource.
A party whose interests are to be served by the words and deeds of an agent with or without a contract according to state law. Also referred to as a principal. Regardless of whether the duties owed in a particular state are traditional, common law fiduciary duties or are statutorily defined, they are still owed to any principal/client.
The person for whom a Tarot reading is given.
An entity with whom a Business Broker has a fiduciary relationship.
Refers to a person, a client can be a staff member or a customer.
See Customer.
A customer who contracts with a home inspector for a home inspection.
A citizen who put himself under the protection of a man of distinction and influence, who was called his patron.
In Ancient Roman society, a client (Latin, cliens) was a plebeian who was attached to a patron benefactor (patronus, a predecessor to the Italian padrino, godfather). The patron assisted his client with his protection, interest, and estate; and the client gave his vote for his patron, when he sought any office for himself, or his friends. Clients owed respect to their patrons, as these reciprocally owed them their protection.
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The customer (person or entity) who buys insurance through an agent or other intermediary.
The client in a real estate transaction is the party who is represented by the real estate agent. Traditionally the seller or landlord is the client. However, changes in agency laws in recent years allow agents to represent any party in the transaction, including the buyer or tenant, provided that this is clearly disclosed in writing to all parties.
Person (or other entity such as a company) who employs the agent. Typically the seller is a client of the listing agent. The buyer can be a client (buyer's broker) or customer (seller's broker). A Client is also known as the Principal.
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An individual or firm, who engages Anderson Associates to source, interview, skill test, reference check and present qualified applicants.
A function that uses a widget in an application or for composing other widgets.
An application that performs for a certain purpose.
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This is a purchaser of betting information from a horseman or a tipster.
Agency that uses ABS organizations to deliver vital information.(example: MWR, DoDDS, AAFES). Key clients are leaders of major commands or units such as CINCs, ASG or Wing Commanders or customers designed by Commanders as critical to their information flow.
Client are a futurist European musical group from Rotherham who have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia. They are most popular in Germany where they have had most commercial success. They combine Scandinavian airline hostess uniforms with glamour-girl aesthetics and harsh electronics to create a sound reminiscent of early forays into electronic sound manipulation and New Wave.
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The web page where your clients go to make appointments with your company. The URL will be similar to
Hypertext JPEG SMTP Web
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A principal in an agency relationship. The principal or client can be the seller or buyer.
Person who the broker has an agency relationship.
A buyer or seller who forms an agency relationship with a real estate broker, usually through a REALTOR®. Agents owe clients their primary allegiance, including good faith and full disclosure, competence, obedience and accounting. Also called a principal.
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Usually the big shots from the company. Hershey's , Cadillac, etc.
Any individual, organisation, department or division, including those belonging to the same organisation as the research agency, responsible for commissioning or who agree to subscribe to a market research project.
A client is anybody, be it an individual, organisation, department or division, who is responsible for the commissioning of, or who agree to subscribe to a market research project.
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Exchangor; the taxpayer; the investor
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An individual receiving Medicaid.
The party that receives the factor's funding which party assigns its receivables to the factor for the factor's security.
For our purposes here, a client is a business that desires to sell its accounts receivable
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States in a Roman province that had their own rulers, but were governed by Rome
A policy owner or a person who has an account with New York Life or a New York Life subsidiary. For example, a client is the person who has the rights of ownership for a NYLIFE Securities account or the owner of a New York Life Insurance policy.
A client is a self-contained unit in the SAP system with its own separate master records and set of tables.
In commercial, organizational and technical terms, a self-contained unit in an R/3 system with separate master records and its owns set of tables.
Refers to a CCBill Webmaster Account or owner/ operator of a CCBill account.
Identifies the administrative group that is responsible for forming and managing soccer teams and related rosters (sometimes referred to as a Organization)
Connector acting as a generic client. It internally uses one of the available connectors registered with the current Restlet implementation.
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See CXFS client node, CXFS client-only node and administration node .
An organization, individual, or other business that contracts with RidgeStar for Internet Services
The visitor on the internet
An organisational unit within the database.
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See LDAP client.
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the person(s) firm or Company whose details are set out in the Schedule hereto;
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Please see Who Are GEE's Clients? section of site.
the person who is ruled by the Court of Protection as being unable to manage their affairs due to mental disability or incapacity.
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Party that sells payments to a secured investor or funder.
A person who is in receipt of a benefit and/or a job seeker registered with Work and Income.
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The IV-D client is the person responsible for a child's health or welfare and who has temporary or legal custody of a dependent child.
In this report, the client is a patient of a health care professional. We use this term to refer to people who would use online communication technologies to augment the existing relationship between themselves and their health care professional.
This refers to the person seeking therapy. The word has some important implications.
The university/organisation/group responsible for ordering the questionnaire.
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See AR System client.
open modular system
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A module that can be added to a console to provide management of a set of devices (such as Canon printers).
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A CASTLE client is a communication and learning front-end to all CASTLE learning content and tools
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See 'Chat Client'
One who consults a legal adviser, or submits his cause to his management.
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draft instance passage submit
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European Commission
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The exporting company.
Any object or class outside the pattern; generally one that only knows about the public interface the pattern and its classes present, rather than about its private implementation.
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See "subscriber".
A self-contained unit with separate master records and its own set of tables. Typically a Corporation.
the party to a contract who commissions the work and pays for it on completion.
The people or organizations that will be the main beneficiaries of the project.
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Our clients are parents with care, persons with care and non-resident parents.
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A piece of hardware that views files.
A person or company who a model actually works for and who pays the cost for advertising or production.
A client is a Building Block that uses the contract . source: EU-P103 domain: General usage: EU-P103
The ad agency's term for the advertisers it represents.
A business or organization that could benefit from your marketing research design.
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Messages related to the client.
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The organisation who pays the agency
A dependent; one under the protection of another.
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The borrower.