Definitions for "CLICH"
is a time-worn phrase used to explain thought or feeling. They are usually images that have lost their power to surprise because of over-use. eg. like a bat out of hell or as old as the hills or he's a cold fish.
an expression or idea that has become trite.
a threadbare or trite expression. Examples: hard as steel, hot as a poker, burning with desire.
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The individual unit consisting of the design of a single stamp, combined with others to make up the complete printing plate. Individual designs on modern one-piece printing plates are referred to as subjects.
Used in pad printing. The "inkable" steel or nylon plate that is etched with an image to be transferred on to the silicone pad and then to the part.
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A worn-out saying such as "It's better to be safe than sorry" (that's a sorry cliché).