Definitions for "Clerk"
A clergyman or ecclesiastic.
A parish officer, being a layman who leads in reading the responses of the Episcopal church service, and otherwise assists in it.
One employed to keep records or accounts; a scribe; an accountant; as, the clerk of a court; a town clerk.
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an ACFA Ambassador
The lowest officer of the Hudson's Bay Company and fur trade industry. After a five year apprenticeship, most were placed in charge of smaller fur trading outposts to administer the day to day tasks of trading with the native populations and running the outpost. The Hudson's Bay Clerks provided the workforce from which future leaders, or Factors, were recruited.
a rather generalized office position that is often responsible for a mixed bag of duties which may include answering the telephone, switchboard, email, filing, typing, and typing correspondence
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The City Clerk of the City of Elko.
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a salesperson in a store
the most senior public servant in each chamber. The clerk writes down all the decisions that are made in the chamber.
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A man who could read; a scholar; a learned person; a man of letters.
a low-level employee
A member's employee who has been registered to work on the trading floor as a phone person or runner.
One employed in a subordinate position on the ship to make written entries, keep accounts, make fair copies of documents, and similar 'clerkly' work.
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In the sports book industry, individual who takes the customer’s action over the phone.