Definitions for "Clearinghouse"
An agency or separate corporation of a futures exchange that is responsible for settling trading accounts, collecting and maintaining margin monies, regulating delivery and reporting trade data. The clearinghouse becomes the buyer to each seller (and the seller to each buyer) and assumes responsibility for protecting buyers and sellers from financial loss by assuring performance on each contract.
An agency associated with an exchange, which settles trades and regulates delivery. see also house.
A conventional or limited purpose entity generally restricted to providing specialized services, such as clearing funds or settling accounts.
an agency set up by the NCAA to verify that a prospective student-athlete has met minimum academic standards to be immediately eligible (as a freshman) upon enrollment at a NCAA member school
an agency which will determine NCAA eligibility of all student-athletes wishing to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics
a national organization whose sole purpose is to give eligibility to all NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II athletes
An agent between a provider and a payer that takes claims and other electronic data from providers, verifies the data integrity of the information, and forwards the proper forms to the payers. More than a transfer station, a clearinghouse acts as a fact-checker and a data format translator. It accepts and forwards electronic transmissions to insurance companies. The clearinghouse formats the data into the HIPAA 837 format, then batches the claims by payer and transmits them to each payer. It is an entity providing electronic connectivity to any number of payers. Providers can transmit all claims directly to a clearinghouse. Examples of clearinghouses are RECS, Envoy, Professional Alliance and Dentec/Softech. Some Practice Management System vendors also provide clearinghouse services. Examples of PMS vendors with clearinghouse capabilities are Professional Alliance and Dentec/Softech.
An entity that accepts paper or electronic transactions from another organization, performs high level edits and value-added processing, then electronically routes the information to a receiving entity. Clearinghouses also perform data translations from one format to another.
An agency that accepts claims from providers and resubmits them to the carrier in the carrier's desired format and to meet the carrier's data requirments.
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string Simple Central collection facility where participants maintain accounts against which the credits or debits are posted.
A location or group through which information or materials regarding a cultural group or groups is collected and distributed to others.
A company that redeems consumer coupons from retailers and sends them to manufacturers for reimbursement.
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Area on the JA-SIG US website that allows developers to list document, projects, tools etc. that are available to share. This is also where some info on the channels developed by IBS can be found (see also Academus). You have to register to get access to this area.
An organization that provides a message/file collection, routing and distribution service on behalf of other organizations. See also automated clearinghouse (ACH), Value Added Network (VAN).
CIP that supplies infra transaction clearance, registration, settlement and certification services.
A Clearinghouse Network routes transactions for reconciliation. The term applies to all types of financial transactions, not just toll transactions. Examples of Clearinghouses (or Clearinghouse Networks) include the Federal Reserve Automated Clearinghouse Network (ACH), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Pulse & Cirrus. It is important to note the distinction between a Clearinghouse and a Fiduciary (defined below): A Fiduciary converts transactions into Funds Clearinghouse routes transactions to Fiduciaries.
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CLF Clientele effect
a central repository for information on high schoolcurricula
A centralised repository of information and resources on a specific topic which can be accessed by interested stakeholders
a decentralized system of computer servers located on the Internet that contain descriptions of digital spatial data (metadata)
a Web site that contains references and links to a variety of free geographic data
see National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.
For health care, an organization that translates health care data to or from a standard format.
See Health Care Clearinghouse.