Definitions for "Clearcut"
A unit of forest where all the trees are removed. It is intended to produce a new even-aged forest stand.
A harvesting and regeneration method which removes all the trees (regardless of size) on an area. Clearcutting is most used with species like pine which require full sunlight to reproduce and grow well. Clearcutting produces an even-aged forest stand. California law requires that clearcut stands be planted with seedlings native to the area where the harvesting occurred.
A cutting method in which trees are cleared over a considerable area at one time. This, in effect, removes the forest community. Regeneration can occur from natural seeding from adjacent trees, seeds in the slash or logging debris, planting or direct seeding. Eventually, an even-aged forest can result.
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Clearcut is an open source implementation of the Relaxed Neighbor Joining algorithm, an efficient distance-based phylogenetic reconstruction method.