Definitions for "Classifier"
a word or morpheme used in some languages in certain contexts (such as counting) to indicate the semantic class in which an item belongs
a Freedom module that takes unstructured text as input and classifies it to provide context to the semantic metadata enhancement process
A classifier, in linguistics, is a word or morpheme used in some languages to classify a noun according to its meaning.
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A filtering device, typically found at the head of a sluice, which helps prevent rocks and other large debris from falling into a gold pan.
A screening device itself is often referred to as a "Classifier". There is a classifier commonly found at the head of most sluice boxes on gold dredges.
A set of criteria used for packet matching according to TCP, UDP, IP, LLC, and/or 802.1P/Q packet fields. A classifier maps each packet to a Service Flow. A Downstream Classifier is used by the CMTS to assign packets to downstream service flows. An Upstream Classifier is used by the CM to assign packets to upstream service flows.
a function that maps testing instances into class labels
a system that automatically classifies texts into one (or more) of a discrete set of predefined categories
A mechanism that describes behavioral and structural features. Classifiers include interfaces, classes and datatypes and components.
A classifier is a model element that describes structural features and behavior. Some classifiers include: class, actor, component, data type, interface, node, and use case.
a model element that describes behavioral feature s and/or structural feature s
an algorithm that takes a set of parameters (or features ) that characterize objects (or instances ) and uses them to determine the type (or class ) of each object
a rule consisting of a Condition , an Action , and other parameters, such as Strength or Accuracy
a rule set, or detection model, generated by the data mining algorithm that was trained over a given set of training data
a helper object attached to a crawler which annotates pages and links with useful information
A mineral-processing machine which separates minerals according to size and density.
Any apparatus for separating mixtures of materials into their constituents according to size and density.
Term with wide applications. Usually refers to laboratory devices for separating aqueous suspension of pulp fibres into various-size fractions.
a way of categorizing resources based on properties or group membership
Any person who makes a classification determination and applies a classification category to information or material. The determination may be an original classification action or it may be a derivative classification action. Contractors make derivative classification determinations based on classified source material, a security classification guide, or a Contract Security Classification Specification.
a central reasoning component of modern knowledge representation systems
a collection of one or more model copies maintained as an aggregate
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a person who creates classifications
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One who classifies.