Definitions for "Class B"
Positive and negative halves of the signal dealt with by different parts of the circuit, the output devices switching continually. Runs cooler, but the sound is not as pure.
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A power amplifier design in which positive and negative polarities of an audio waveform pass through separate output devices that conduct only when needed. It is difficult to eliminate all distortions created when the devices transition from one polarity to the other (crossover distortion), which has relegated this design to low quality audio and other applications of power amplification where efficiency and cost are of greatest importance.
Photo courtesy of Gulf Stream Coach A motor home created from a mini van. Most models have raised roofs, but otherwise the living space is constrained by the dimensions of the van. For additional details see Class B Motor Home - An Introduction.
Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing materials are able to withstand moderate exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.
Fire resistant rating for roofing that withstands moderate exposure to fire originating from sources outside the home.
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a descendant of a class A if BOEA
A screening process for circuits that are intended for use in ground-based military electronic systems
a base class of a class D if it is a direct base class of D or a direct base class of one of D's base classes
One of two quality levels (class B and class S) for QPL microcircuits. NASA considers class B microcircuits qualified for ground-based systems, and some for high-reliability space systems.
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There were two grades of Frick Program Clocks - Grade 1 and Grade 2. Grade 1 had two types, a Class A and a Class B. Grade 2 clocks were the economy version. Find out more in the Classes and Clocks article.
A test given abroad indicating findings consistent with a specific disease; however, the disease was not active
Good assets that most tenants would find desirable but lack attributes that would permit owners to charge top dollar
a subclass of A if B has in it all of the resources and support functions of A (B may have additional resources and support functions as well)
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Commercial use.
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See I.P
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