Definitions for "Claro"
Keywords:  wrapper, greenish, tan, cigar, shade
The lightest in color (like milky coffee) wrapper, usually mild and is also sometimes called a "natural."
A light tan wrapper color, sometimes with a greenish cast, shade of wrapper tobacco leaf. This type of tobacco leaf is shade grown. The smoke from these cigars is said to be light and mild. See also Wrapper.
light (color) of course
Claro was a wapentake of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was split into two divisions. The Upper Division included the parishes of Farnham, Fewston, Hampsthwaite, Kirkby Malzeard and Pannall and parts of Aldborough, Knaresborough, Otley, Little Ouseburn, Ripley, Ripon and Whixley, many of which formed exclaves.
Claro is a mobile phone network in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. It is owned by América Móvil.
Claro is a set of cross-platform libraries which assist programmers in writing applications which can run on almost any platform without modification.
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clearing (forest)