Definitions for "Clapper"
the sticks that are slapped together in view of the camera for the purpose of synchronizing film sound. These are usually, but not always, attached to the slate and appear at the head or tail of a sync sound take.
( board) or slate) a small black or white board or slate with a hinged stick on top that displays identifying information for each shot in a movie, and is filmed at the beginning of a take. The board typically contains the working title of the movie, the names of the director, the editor, and the director of photography, the scene and take numbers, the date, and the time. On the top of the clapboard is a hinged wooden stick (called a clapstick or clapper) which is often clapped to provide audio/visual synchronization of the sound with the picture during editing; electronic clappers and synchronization are currently in use instead of the old-fashioned clapboard. Example: the clapboard or slate from Hitchcock's Psycho (1960).
The hinged closure element of a swing check valve.
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That which strikes or claps, as the tongue of a bell, or the piece of wood that strikes a mill hopper, etc. See Illust. of Bell.
A striking agent suspended inside a bell, consisting of a shaft with a solid metal sphere at the end.
The part of a Ringer that strikes the Gong to signal incoming calls.
A rabbit burrow.
You're doin' her doggystyle ,you rabbit punch her and knock her out. Start smacking her ass. This results in hours of "enlightening" fun if you have the clapper installed on the lights in the room. - Lee W, Arizona
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someone who applauds
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Instant Messenger written i c#
a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity
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Wooden tool used in pressing.
a pressing tool made of wood used for just this purpose
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A person who claps.