Definitions for "Clairsentient"
The psychic ability to feel tactile sensations of spirit presence beyond the normal range of human perception.
Psychics with Clairsentient abilities feel and capture information through both emotional and physical sensations. For example, they may feel extreme heat on their hands even though they are not touching anything warm. A Clairsentient is an empathetic person who can sense energies around a person, place or thing. Energies may be light or heavy, or feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Psychics with this gift may also experience other physical sensations when connecting with their Spirit Guides, such as a strong or sweet smell of flowers, or the hair rising on the back of their necks.
Being able to "feel" or "Know" messages (Also called the power of Prophecy). Sometimes a Clairsentient person can perceive smells, taste or touch.
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A person who practices clairsentience.