Definitions for "CLA"
(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - CLA is a naturally occurring free fatty acid that has been shown to improve nutrient usage, promote muscle tone and significantly reduce body fat. It is a good fat that helps you burn bad fats. Research
(Conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring nutrient which scientists have discovered exerts a positive effect on protein and fat metabolism.
As A Treatment"CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a natural fatty acid found in beef, lamb, turkey and cheese..."
Causal Layered Analysis. A futures analysis approach developed by Sohail Inayatullah: that the forces driving history can be subdivided into a number of layers, operating at different layers of social consciousness. He distinguishes four levels: most superfically, the "litany" (as expressed by populist media). Secondly, social causes (with a more quantitative emphasis, as found in more academic literature). Thirdly, "worldview" and the cultural structures that support them. Fourthly, and least accessible, the layer of myth and metaphor: archetypes, the collective unconscious, wih an emotional rather than intellectual emphasis. To understand forces shaping the future, you must consider all four of these levels. For more information, see Sohail Inayatullah's website
abbreviation for Copyright Licensing Agency, the organisation which co-ordinates the collection of dues from licensed photocopying etc.
Contributor License Agreement see:
Connecticut Library Association An association for all Connecticut librarians. Sponsors workshops and an annual conference; provides support for librarians in various areas such as minimum salary guidelines and censorship challenges. CLA's annual Legislative Agenda lobbies for support for library legislation and funding. ( LINK)
Country Land and Business Association
Canadian Library Association
Common Launch Area. This is a launch area specified by the organizer, used for tasks in which all balloons must be launched at the same time.
Alcantara Launch Center
Consumer Leasing Act. Requires the leasing company (for example, a dealership), to disclose certain information before a lease is signed, including: The total amount of the initial payment The number and amounts of monthly payments All fees charged The charges for default or late payments For vehicle leases, the lessor must also disclose: The annual mileage allowance Charges for excess mileage Whether the lease can be ended early Whether the leased vehicle can be purchased at the end of the lease The price to buy at the end of the lease Any extra payments that may be required at the end of the lease
Certified LAN Administrator
Commissioner for Local Administration (Ombudsman)
College of Liberal Arts. This is the largest college of enrollment at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities).
Community Living Arrangement