Definitions for "Civil Action"
This refers to any lawsuit that relates to civil matters (business, contracts, estates, etc.) and not criminal prosecution.
Any court action concerning a civil matter, ie: not a criminal matter.• Animals• Civil Courts• Traders' Rights• Workcover
An action brought to enforce or protect private rights.
a court room drama that just failed to deliver when it came to the court room scenes
a griping drama that has great acting all around and the story is both compelling and heart wrenching
an exceptionally well written and compelling account of attorney Jan Schlichtmann's heroic representation of aggrieved and bereaved families
a movie about the consequences
a pretty solid movie, one that didn't completely enthrall me, but didn't leave me snoozing, either
a reasonably good movie that benefits from some nice directorial touches, a decent script and its fine cast
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an adequate score on CD, and it may even be a new Elfman sound for those of you without the Good Will Hunting promo
a very strange score indeed
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a book by Jonanthan Harr, and
a tense, absorbing and frustrating journey through the Byzantine American judicial system
an entertaining read for anyone with an interest in corporate destruction of the environment and the law
an exceedingly entertaining book and I would recommend it to anyone interested in what it is like to work within the American legal system
a brilliantly realized work of reportage
a little slow but it works
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a whale of a tale about justice gone wrong
a non-fictional account of a civil trial that includes personal profiles of the individuals from both sides, and an insightful glance at our legal system
an unforgettable reading experience that leaves the reader both shocked and enlightened
a fascinating, page-turning revelation of the practice of law
a film fortunate to be in capable and respectful hands
a very quiet film
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a prime example of a novel that never should have been adapted for the big screen
a great example of both great writing, and of modern civil litigation motion practice
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deed exclusive powers f - j
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a well-written, well-directed product that has hit its mark
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a waste of time