Definitions for "Cit"
Pure Consciousness representing Shiva
wisdom, consciousness , awareness.
(1) Consciousness. (2) Spirit.
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Calibration Implementation Team, a group combining the CTT, MSFC Project and support staff, and TRW, which will implement the XRCF calibration of AXAF.
Collegis Implementation Team
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Calvin Information Technology NCA North Central Association
Cornell Information Technologies, the central information technology organization on campus.
Name of the Windows 2000 Domain. There is some confusion as to what CIT stands for; the most adopted convention is Coordinated Information Technology.
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Client Intervention Training
A Girl Scouts age 14-17 who is taking a course to learn skills and knowledge needed to become a camp counselor.
Counselor In Training - A girl who has completed the 10th grade and attended CIT training courses. CIT's assists in council and troop supported events
A citizen; an inhabitant of a city; a pert townsman; -- used contemptuously.
Comité International des Transports par chemin de fer
See Computer Integrated Telephony.
Commission for Integrated Transport
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US Court of International Trade a court which hears appeals from administrative and quasi-judicial trade decisions of the ITC, ITA and the U.S. Customs Service.
Circumstellar Imaging Telescope.
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alive and conscious.
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Change In Trend Khalsa_PC1
A quotation from some other document, together with a bibliographic reference to its source.
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Near or over large towns
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Consumable Item Transfer
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the work cited (citato)