Definitions for "CISPLATIN"
Anticancer drug, based on platinum, that interacts with DNA
a DNA damaging anticancer drug used most successfully for the treatment of testicular tumors. The toxicity of cisplatin likely results from its ability to form covalent DNA adducts that inhibit polymerases.
A platinum coordinated compound, used as an antineoplastic agent, primarily for treatment for testicular carcinoma, also for carcinomas of the bladder, ovary, head and neck, and prostate. It forms DNA adducts. Cisplatin is shown in green; it forms an adduct between two guanines in the same chain of DNA.
Localization Tetracycline
Ischemia Tetracycline
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Microscopy Serum
Mammary Serum
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Melphalan Tamoxifen
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Micronuclei Synovial
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Ketoconazole Sterility
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Molecular Ticlopidine
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Lipid Resuscitation
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Mammography Screening
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Methotrexate Systemic
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Metastasis Species
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Lymph Syphilis