Definitions for "CIS"
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Scilab Toolbox and C++ library for the research of dynamical system.
Common Information System, a collective solution for copyright management in the digital age
Calvin Information Services NAE National Association of Evangelicals
Commonwealth of Inedpendent States
an alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991
Commonwealth of Independent States: a loose confederation of twelve of the fifteen states of the former Soviet Union.
Configuration interaction, singles. (See CID.) The simplest method for calculating electronically excited states; limited to singly-excited states. Contains no electron correlation and has no effect on the ground state ( Hartree-Fock) energy.
CI, Single excitations only.
(Configuration Interaction with Singles excitations) simplest method for calculating electronically excited states; limited to singly-excited states. Contains no e- correlation and has no effect on the ground state (Hartree-Fock) energy.
The abbreviation for the Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Governing body for Canadian college athletics.
"Citizenship and Immigration Services" -- shorter version of BCIS or USCIS.
Carcinome In Situ
CARCINOMA IN SITU. A high grade abnormality confined to the squamous cell epithelial layer of the cervix. Without treatment it may develop into invasive cancer. This is synonymous with CIN-3
Carcinoma in situ. A non-cancerous tumor that remains 'in the site' of origin and shows signs of becoming cancerous.
for CuInSe2, copper and indium diselenid belonging to the family of chalcopyrites made up of metalloid atoms (sulphur, selenium) and metals
Literally, on the same side. Describes isomers in which similar substituents are on the same side of a C=C double bond or in adjacent coordination sites on a transition metal. See trans.
Paper coated on one side.
The term applied to a geometric isomer of an unsaturated fatty acid where the hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms comprising the double bond are on the same side of the carbon chain.
ompuServe nformation ervices.
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Chuckles in Silence
Abbr. for onfederacy of ndependent ystems
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Calving Interval and Survival: used to define the joint reliability and number of daughters used in the evaluation of CIV and SUV traits
Carbon in solution. a process similar to CIP except that the gold, which has been leached by the cyanide into solution, is separated by the process of filtration (solid/liquid separation).The solution is then pumped through six stages where the solution comes into contact with the activated carbon granules.
configuration--- arrangement of linked allele in a double heterozygote in which both mutant alleles are inherited from one parent. Mutant alleles are located on one chromatid.
Crop Insurance Scheme
Collective Investment Scheme. These are financial products where money from a number of different investors are pooled and then invested by a *fund manager according to specific criteria. The scheme or fund is divided into segments called 'units', which are to some degree similar to shares. Investors take a stake in the fund by buying these units - they will therefore become unitholders. The price of a unit is based on the value of the investments the fund has invested in (Net asset value).
an open end collective investment scheme that issues redeemable units and invests primarily in transferable securities or money market instruments. For the purposes of these Principles, it excludes schemes investing in property/real estate, mortgages or venture capital.
The arrangement of two sequences or genes on the same chromosome.
Located on the same, physically contiguous DNA molecule.
Two genes located are on the same molecule of DNA (commonly refers to genes that are located very close to each other on the same DNA molecule).
Continuous Ink system. An adaptation made to a desktop printer allowing a continuous feed of ink to be supplied to the print heads without using disposable ink cartridges. Despite high initial costs, this can deliver significant cost savings for heavy users of desktop inkjet printers.
A publisher of indexes (in various formats), microfiche collections, and online databases. One of the primary publishers of government document reference materials.
Clinically Isolated Syndrome
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Combined Intelligence Staff
Center for International Studies
Center for Internet Security span
Competition impact statement
Officially registered company name from 1955, Central Industrial Supply Company
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Co-operative Insurance Society.
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Computer Integrated Sales
Component Interface Specification