Definitions for "circuit breaker"
A device contained within an electrical circuit designed to interrupt the circuit when the current exceeds a preset value; it is sometimes called a contact breaker. Its function is to prevent fire or damage to the circuit or the devices on the circuit which could be caused by excess current, such as that caused by a short-circuit. It differs from a fuse in not having a conducting element which melts (see 2nd fuse, n.). Circuit breakers are designed to be easily reset, i. e. to reclose the circuit after it has been opened by the circuit breaker; this is usually accomplished by simply moving a switch back and forth. They are commonly used in buildings to protect individual electrical lines, and are often contained in groups within a box called a circuit breaker panel, which divides the current from a main electrical line into multiple circuits each protected by a separate circuit breaker. Less commonly they may be found on individual devices.
A system of trading halts and price limits on equities and derivatives markets designed to provide a cooling-off period during large, intraday market declines.
A reusable protective device in an electrical system which prevents the flow of current beyond a maximum level.
A regulation used by the Stock Exchange to limit or delay trading because of sharp falls in the cash or futures markets.
Price change limits and trading halts intended by stock exchanges in order to reduce excessive price fluctuations.
a temporary suspension of trading when prices fall by a particular amount
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Circumaural CISC
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See “Circuit Protector”.
A mechanism used to restrain the market when it gets overheated. The Exchange may relax the limit after a cooling off period of about half an hour.
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a rebate from the State of Missouri on real estate tax or rent
A property tax relief benefit for qualifying persons. The program is administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue.
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Same as Circuit filter.
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Classification Of Assets
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a piece of equipment which is designed to