Definitions for "CIR"
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Common abbreviation for Committed Information Rate.
Credit Interpretation Ruling. Used by design team members experiencing difficulties in the application of a LEED prerequisite or credit to a project. Typically, difficulties arise when specific issues are not directly addressed by LEED information/guides or a special conflict exists that requires resolution.
CIR is the information transfer rate which a network offering Frame Relay Services (FRS) is committed to transfer under normal conditions. The rate is averaged over a minimum increment of time.
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Contact insert receptacle, glass reinforced epoxy insert, used in metal shell BCR, CCR, FCR
Connector Insert Receptacle Delrin
Comprobante de Informació n Registrada
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It is a lightweight performance fabric with a shiny surface made from synthetic fibres for use in outerwear.
Gives rise to the look of the fabric rather than fibre content. describes ciré as "Having a highly glazed finish, usually by the application of wax: a ciré shirt; a ciré jacket".
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Colour Infrared
Color Infrared
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Those JETs that aren't ALTs are these. They usually work at the town office and have a high level of Japanese. Nobody knows what they do.
Current Industrial Reports. The primary objective of the CIR program is to produce timely, accurate data on production and shipments of selected products. The data are used to satisfy economic policy needs and for market analysis, forecasting, and decision-making in the private sector. These surveys measure manufacturing activity in important commodity areas such as textiles and apparel, chemicals, primary metals, computer and electronic components, industrial equipment, aerospace equipment, and consumer goods.
Complex Impulse Response
Channel Impulse Response: a measurable response by a radio communication channel when an electromagnetic impulse is transmitted over the air.The purpose of impulse measurements is to quantify the varying filter characteristics of the communication channel.
Pensioner and Citizen Initiated Referendum Alliance
See consumer-initiated replication.
commonwealth of independent republics
Center for Investigative Reporting
Cisco Independent Reporting)
Abbreviation for "circuit court." A court that sits in more than one place in a judicial district, such as a state court, usually with original jurisdiction and sometimes with appellate jurisdiction.
The abbreviation for the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel.
CONSUMPTIVE IRRIGATION REQUIREMENT. The quantity of irrigation water, exclusive of precipitation, stored soil moisture, or ground water that is required consumptively for crop production.
This is the symbol used to indicate that it is requested that the computer operator depress the RETURN or ENTER KEY.
The ratio of the power in the carrier to the power of the interference signal. The ratio is normally expressed in dB.
Committee on International Relations