Definitions for "Cid"
Configuration interaction, doubles. A CI that only includes those determinants that correspond to double excitations from the reference (which is usually Hartree-Fock).
CI in which the extra electronic configurations are restricted to those that can be obtained from double excitations of the reference wave function.
CI, Double excitations only
collision-induced dissociation (see CAD)
Collision Induced Dissociation (sane as CAD)
Collision induced dissociation. The process in which gaseous ions are broken into smaller fragments by collision with gas atoms. The energy of the collisions influences which chemical bonds are broken.
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Chief or commander; in Spanish literature, a title of Ruy Diaz, Count of Bivar, a champion of Christianity and of the old Spanish royalty, in the 11th century.
An epic poem, which celebrates the exploits of the Spanish national hero, Ruy Diaz.
ard Id entification Number/ ard Id entifier - An American Express and Discover verification process that utilizes a non-embossed three- or four-digit number printed when authorizing credit card transactions where the physical card is not present. On American Express cards, the CID is a four-digit code printed on the front of the card. On Discover cards, the CID is a three-digit code printed next to the card number in the signature panel. For a list of CID codes, click here.
cylinder identification sensor
cartridge identification Number.
entral nvestigation ivision or riminal ntelligence ivision.
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Cinepak CIO
Common Interest Development. A community apartment project, condominium project, a planned development or stock co-operative.
Consortium on International Development (Utah, USA)
Consortium for International Development
Crime Investigation Department
the United States Army's principal law enfocement agency responsible for the conduct of criminal investigations for all levels of the Army anywhere in the world
Criminal Investigation Division
Cid - a collection of scripts to capture callerid data and email selected results to your pager / cell phone. Includes wish script to display all calls in X gui.
CID is a client information database for Laser Therapy Clinics who treat addictions.
cid is a TCP client/server Caller-ID system, including server and Tk GUI client. It is written in Python and easily extensible to include other clients, like LED signs.
Final Fantasy series of computer and video games. Although he is rarely the same individual, and never the same age, he is usually presented as an owner, creator, and/or pilot of airships and provides transportation to the main characters and their party members at various points of the game. In the second game, he has a friendly relationship with a woman named Hilda; he also has a close relationship with a woman of the same name in the ninth and eleventh installments.
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Crying In Disgrace
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(C)harge (I)njection (D)evice: A CID array is a device used to measure the intensity of light. Physically the CID is an array of light sensitive semiconductor junctions embedded in a silicon substrate. The CID array can measure optical images projected across its surface. This image can then be electronically read out. CID array are a close cousin to the diode arrays used in solid-state video cameras.
The Clandestine Imaging Division of the Office of Technical Service of the CIA. Responsible for providing technical support to clandestine agent operations in the form of photography, secret writing, and video surveillance.
combat intelligence division
Central Idaho Dispatch. Located within the Salmon-Challis National Forest Supervisors Office in Salmon, ID.
The U.S. Government develops CIDs (Commercial Item Descriptions) for purchasing commercially available products. In 1996, they issued a CID for the purchase of powerline surge suppressors.
Commercial Item Description
A number used by L2CAP to identify a logical channel.
channel ID. Designates the Frame Relay subchannel ID for Voice over Frame Relay.
Customer Identifier
Critical Incident Debriefing
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In some CJK PostScript fonts the glyphs are not named but are refered to by a CID number.
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Committee of Imperial Defence
A high intensity discharge lamp that produces a light similar in color temperature to daylight (c.5500K). A 1000W CID lamp produces approximately 2.5 times more light than a 2000W tungsten source.
A type of discharge lamp.
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A Content Identifier contains enough information to resolve one or more arc or dat records in the Data Store or User Store. The Data Retrieval API consumes CIDs and retrieves the corresponding records, passing them to the user application. See the topic, Dat File, for more details.
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cubic inch displacement
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Common Image Descriptor.
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Craft Interface Device
Corporate and Information Directorate
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"Circuit ID"
commander's integrated display
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Call Instance Data
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Consider it done
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Connection ID
See Connected Information Device CID.