Definitions for "CIB"
Combat Infantryman's Badge. An award for Infantrymen who have been in a shooting war.
Combat Infantry Badge. US Army qualification award worn by Infantry officers and enlisted men who have served 90 days or more in ‘sustained combat operations.' Also awarded automatically in conjunction with the Purple Heart for any wound suffered ‘in battle.' A recent (in the last 10 years or so,) change in the regulations by the Department of the Army now allows officers and enlisted men assigned to Special Forces to be awarded the CIB.
Combat Infantryman Badge. View Example.
Centro de Investigaciones Bioló gicas
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"Light, torch." Fourth in the Maya primary calendric series of regents or Ahau, equated with Hunahpú of the Popol Vuh as Regent of the Fourth Age or Age of Quiché-Maya culture.
Complaints Investigation Bureau These officers investigate complaints of misconduct against the police themselves. Much despised.
Criminal Investigations Branch
Clinical Investigator's Brochure
Acronym for the International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation (Counsel International du Batiment pour la Recherche, l'Etude et la Documentation).
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Carnation Instant Breakfast.
CIBJO (Europe) GIL Gem Information Laboratory
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Capital Improvement Budget