Definitions for "Churning"
Excessive trading to generate commissions
Excessive trading that results in the broker deriving a profit from commissions while disregarding the best interests of the customers.
The act of engaging in excessive trading to generate commission whilst disregarding the best interests of customers. Expressly prohibited for all discretionary customers and advisory private customers.
The quantity of butter made at one operation.
The process of stirring and agitating cream in the process of making butter. Churning causes the fat globules in cream to clump together and separate from the liquid.
Physical process (batch or continuous) by which liquid cream is ÒworkedÓ to coalesce the butterfat globules, with the concurrent expulsion of buttermilk.
This is a re-offer by franchisors of often failing franchises to unsuspecting franchisees. Often the location may well continue to fail even in new hands and be resold and the process of a resale continued.
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Can occur when an agent persuades a consumer to borrow against an existing life insurance policy to pay the premium on a new one.
Whole life policies that are replaced by new ones, often at the urging of an agent, who gives the impression that the new policy is cheaper. In many instances, however, the buyer is not told that the cash value account, sometimes used to pay the new premium, must accumulate anew. It's not unusual for whole life policies to have no cash value in their first few policy years.
this refers to the process involved when a client surrenders one insurance policy to take another out with a different insurance company. It is usually inadvisable from the point of view of the consumer as there is most often financial loss involved.
Churning (or Rapid Transfer) means you're switching from one broadband ADSL provider to another. You are doing so with the least possible disruption to your broadband service, and you're saving on connection costs and time.
A hesitation in a trend that usually leads to a reaction. Volume is relatively high with little price progress.
Describes a computer taking a long time to process a particular operation. When a computer is churning, it may seem to be doing nothing.
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The act of one who churns.