Definitions for "Chunk"
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A section of a PNG file. Each chunk has a type indicated by its chunk type name. Most types of chunks also include some data. The format and meaning of the data within the chunk are determined by the type name.
an independent block of data conforming to a specifically defined structure
a self contained collection of data in a RIFF file
a contiguous section of imaging data within a stave (stripe for the south)
a region of RAM mapped into contiguous linear addresses
a sector-aligned sequence of consecutive bytes on an RLDev, allocated in response to a single request
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When the club hits the ground before hitting the ball.
(aka: "fat" or "thick") to hit the ground before the ball, usually resulting in the ball not going as far as intended. Example: "That ball would have cleared the water if you hadn't chunked it."
a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
a memory unit--STM capacity is not limited by a physically defined unit but by a meaningfulness unit
a physical portion of disk on which Informix stores its data
a unit of disk or actual physical space that is used by Informix in the OnLine system
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Chunk is an fictional supporting character in the DC Comics universe, and a supporting character from the Flash family of books. He first appeared in Flash (2nd series) #9, February (1988), written by Mike Baron and drawn by Jackson Guice.
put together indiscriminately; "lump together all the applicants"
group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
a piece or a part or a share but it also includes the idea of a larger kind of a piece
Keywords:  discrete, content, verb, noun, smallest
A discrete piece of content. The term ‘chunking’ is also used to describe the process of breaking large amounts of content into discrete units.
(noun) A discrete portion of content, often consisting of several learning objects grouped together. (verb) To separate content into discrete portions or aggregate smaller content elements into customized configurations.
smallest unit of content that is used independently and needs to be indexed individually.
a collection of related items
an arbitrary collection of atmospheric columns
Put an expression or collection of symbols together in a group, so that something can be done mathematically with it.
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a hyper-rectangle of any shape (less than or equal to the rank of the dataset)
A span of time within a Schedule slot is referred to as a "chunk" of time. You can have multiple Segment chunks stacked into the same vertical slot. Slots have a minimum 5 minute resolution, so the duration of Segment chunks assigned to slots will be automatically rounded to 5 minute increments.
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a big or a small bit, can be different size but it always makes sense and it a whole
a thing complete
a whole thing
a standard distance used to guide swimmers of different ability so that all will finish approximately the same amount of work in the same amount of time
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a string with a certain font
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A short, thick piece of anything.
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See "Strip."
a 'chunk' of e.g. listening or reading text, refers to a small section or part of it