Definitions for "Chronic "
Chronic is a constraints-based opportunistic application-level scheduler. Unlike cron, which schedules according to a time specification, it schedules tasks when specified constraints are met. In other words, it schedules during a window of opportunity when the circumstances are favorable.
Chronic is a constraints-based, opportunistic, application level scheduler in the spirit of cron.
Relating to time; according to time.
Lipid Tetracycline
Microscopy Selenium
Neuromuscular Selenium
Libido Resection
Leukocytosis Resected
Malaise Sedimentation
Isoproterenol Sedimentation
Keywords:  sarcoma, melanocytes, larynx
Melanocytes Sarcoma
Larynx Sarcoma
as in chronic bronchitis, there must be a productive cough on most days for at least three months, for at least two consecutive years.
frequent. A chronic headache occurs at least every other day or 15 days per month for at least 6 months.
Chronic means prolonged or usually present. Chronic bronchitis is diagnosed when a person is coughing and producing sputum for most days of at least three months each year, two years in a row.
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Methylphenidate Tendinitis
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Excellent Marijuana
The term used in the rap/hip-hop industry to describe marijuana.
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Keywords:  innervation
Keywords:  ophthalmic
Keywords:  sciatica, intervertebral
Intervertebral Sciatica
Keywords:  neonatal, spasticity
Neonatal Spasticity
Keywords:  spondylitis, metabolite
Metabolite Spondylitis
Keywords:  riboflavin, ischemia
Ischemia Riboflavin
Magnetoencephalography Sedative
Keywords:  teratogenic, mesoderm
Mesoderm Teratogenic
Keywords:  sclera
Keywords:  mammary
Mediate Secretion
Mediator Stomach
Mediate Species
Keywords:  tetanus, lithium
Lithium Tetanus
Keywords:  snoring, infertility
Infertility Snoring
Keywords:  microbiology, ulcer
Microbiology Ulcer
Keywords:  neuritis, vaccination
Neuritis Vaccination
Microorganism Suppository
Keywords:  mutagenesis, rigidity
Mutagenesis Rigidity
Keywords:  monensin, toxic
Monensin Toxic
Keywords:  interferon, pulmonary
Interferon Pulmonary
Keywords:  methotrexate, topical
Methotrexate Topical
Keywords:  melphalan, screening
Melphalan Screening
Keywords:  lacrimal, surgical
Lacrimal Surgical
Keywords:  itraconazole, systemic
Itraconazole Systemic
Keywords:  cured, arose, regression, advice, mild
A condition which has been present several months or more and can range in severity from mild to extreme.
Describes a condition which arose more than three months prior to the patient seeking treatment. Complicated case - A case where the patient, because of one or more identifiable factors, exhibits regression or delayed recovery in comparison with expectations from the natural history.
A Medical Condition or Related Condition which the insurance company, on Professional Advice determine cannot be cured by Treatment.
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Keywords:  megestrol, systemic
Megestrol Systemic
Keywords:  seizures, intrinsic, lip
Lip Seizures
Intrinsic Seizures
Keywords:  lipoprotein, skeletal
Lipoprotein Skeletal
Keywords:  rheumatoid, lenses
Lenses Rheumatoid
Keywords:  invasive
Keywords:  ingestion, vegetative
Ingestion Vegetative
Keywords:  sphincter, laterality
Laterality Sphincter
Keywords:  regeneration, immunity
Immunity Regeneration
Keywords:  potent, joint, quality, high
high-quality or potent joint
Keywords:  alive, experiments, subject
experiments in which the subject is kept alive
Keywords:  tolerance, mental
Mental Tolerance
Keywords:  spectrum
Keywords:  retina, localization
Localization Retina
Keywords:  stabilization
Keywords:  constant, occurring
Constant, re-occurring.
Keywords:  mobility, systemic
Mobility Systemic
Keywords:  localization, systemic
Localization Systemic