Definitions for "Chroma"
In television, the information which give the color of the image.
One of the three principal dimensions of color. In the purity of color, the highest degree of which is represented by the pure hues of the visible spectrum.
Chroma is also known as saturation or intensity, and refers to how much of the same hue is present in a color. It refers to the "brightness" of a color. When a primary color is added to, or substracted from itself, its chroma is changed. A color is fully saturated when no other color, no white or no black is added to it. The primary color blue becomes peacock blue if its chroma is increased, while it becomes navy when its chroma is reduced.
Chroma is Cartel's first full length album. In its first week of release it sold over 3,000 copies becoming record label The Militia Group's most successful new artist release. The hit single Honestly launched the album to the charts including the #1 debut on Soundscan's Alternative New Artist Charts.
Chroma is a layer-centric game engine that uses an XML-like scripting language and is built atop the Simple DirectMedia Layer .
an attribute of pitches, just like whiteness is an attribute of white things
In psychology, the subjective phenomenon by which tones in different octaves sound similar. The tones C#4, C#5, C#6, etc. differ in pitch but evoke the same chroma. Compare pitch class.
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Chroma Keying Chromatic (Chromatic Scale)