Definitions for "Christophany"
An appearance of Christ, as to his disciples after the crucifixion.
When such an appearance of Jesus before before His incarnation occurs in the OT, He is often called "the Angel of the LORD" (Exod 3:2,4).
Christophany is from the Greek words [ christos] meaning anointed one, and [ phaninomai], meaning manifestation or appearance. Thus a Christophany is the appearance of Jesus Christ (the anointed), the second person of the Trinity come to earth in another form (an angel, man, etc.). That is to say, Christ appears to man in a form which they can visibly see. For example, Christ's appearance to his disciples after His crucifixion and death, or His appearance in the furnace of fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. [ back