Definitions for "Christmas Story"
a big part of many other people's holidays
a classic holiday film that is very funny and entertaining
a classic that was released for a week to keep the director happy
a darkly humourous examination of popular culture and the traditions it has created in our society around this time of year
a tradition in our family
a whimsical and slightly-twisted tribute to the traditional, all-American Christmas
Keywords:  comedy, pretty, great, ages, good
a great comedy for all ages
a pretty good comedy
Keywords:  americana, cinematic, slice
a cinematic slice of Americana
a beautiful, elegiac story built on the theme that our past is contained in the future and our future contained in the past
a touching retelling of the story of Christ's birth and powerful lessons in faith and prayer
an exhibition exploring the sinister side of Santa Claus and the mythology surrounding him
Keywords:  nostalgic, child, view
a nostalgic view of a child's christmas
Keywords:  glorious, film, rare, children, adults
a glorious glorious film
a rare film about children yet for adults
Keywords:  absolute, household
an absolute must for every household
Keywords:  second, close
a close second)