Definitions for "Chris Clark"
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Chris Clark (born February 1, 1946) in Santa Cruz, California, is an American Motown soul singer. Clark became famous in England as the "white Negress" (a nickname meant as a compliment), since the platinum blonde, blue-eyed soul songstress toured with fellow Motown artists.
Chris Clark is an English electronic musician creating in the genre of IDM currently signed to Warp Records. With the 2006 release of Throttle Furniture, he shortened his artist name to Clark. Throttle Furniture and Body Riddle were both three years in the making, and it is clear during this time Clark has refined his sound. The producing on these albums are exceptional, and the drums have a much more live sound.
Chris Clark (born March 8, 1976 in Manchester, Connecticut) and lived in South Windsor, CT is a professional ice hockey right winger who currently plays for the Washington Capitals of the NHL.