Definitions for "Chop"
Form of combination chemotherapy comprised of cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone
Cytoxin, Hydroxidoxyrubicin, Oncovin, Prednisone (a blood treatment protocol)
a chemotherapeutic regimen for cancer treatment that combines cyclophosphamide, hydroxyldaunomycin (doxorubicin, or Adriamycin), vincristine (Oncovin) and prednisone.
To cut by striking repeatedly with a sharp instrument; to cut into pieces; to mince; -- often with up.
To sever or separate by one more blows of a sharp instrument; to divide; -- usually with off or down.
To make a quick strike, or repeated strokes, with an ax or other sharp instrument.
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A piece chopped off; a slice or small piece, especially of meat; as, a mutton chop.
Cut Into Small Pieces by Using a Knife
Reducing food into smallest size cubes or squares by cutting is called chopping.
A mark made on a document (in the far east) to acknowledge the content of the document, rather like an official seal in the UK.
from the Indian chapna meaning to stamp a number, mark or brand. Each break of chop of tea is marked.
Identifying mark or symbol impressed on paper, used by printers and some artists and collectors.
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To split a pot because of a tie, split-pot game, or player agreement. To play a game for a short time andCash out; see hit and run. A request made by a player to a dealer after toking a large-denominationChip that he wishes the dealer to makeChange. ToChop blinds.
Agreeing to prorate a pot and split it. Chop the blinds. If the whole table folds, the blinds (if the house permits) can each take back their checks without showing hands. At the end of a tournament, the final two players might agree to chop the prize money in a ratio according to the size of their stacks.
If everyone has folded to the blinds, they can "chop" or take back their blinds and not play the hand. If two players agree to chop, then this agreement stands while they play side by side, since it would be unfair to change their minds when they have a good hand.
a heavy underspin shot
a shot with extreme underspin
A chop is a form of fiberglass consisting of short 6-8 inch lengths of glass that is shot out of a pneumatic gun with resin in to a mold. This method is used often when one side of the finished product is not seen, or when large quantities of a product must be made cheaply and quickly without regards to strength. Corvette fenders and boat dinghies are commonly manufactured this way.
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Same as rake
To seize or devour greedily; -- with up.
To do something suddenly with an unexpected motion; to catch or attempt to seize.
To vary or shift suddenly; as, the wind chops about.
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Same as cherry.
Knocking down a pin by driving it straight back past any other standing pins to the right or left. Also called a cherry.
To knock down one pin of a spare leave, while the pin next to or behind it remains standing.
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To crack. See Chap, v. t. & i.
A crack or cleft. See Chap.
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To strike the golf ball with a chopping movement.
strike sharply, as in some sports
hit sharply
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n. A credcard or credchip.
Small, steep disorderly waves.
Short, steep waves in an abrupt motion.
short-crested waves that spring up following onset of a moderate breeze, and break readily at the crest.
a grounder that bounces high in the air
If a bolt is in the firing cycle when a paintball isn't fully loaded into the breech, it can push the paintball against the feed neck hard enough to break the paint. If it's not pushing the paintball hard enough, it's said to pinch the paint--the bolt bounces off the paint, or just pushes against the paint until the cycle can be completed.
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To wrangle; to altercate; to bandy words.
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A jaw of an animal; -- commonly in the pl. See Chops.
A movable jaw or cheek, as of a wooden vise.
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A change; a vicissitude.
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See blindstamp.
To jettison a canopy or skyboard for emergency reasons.
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To barter or truck.
To purchase by way of truck.
To kill a fox before it has had time to run from covert; it can happen accidentally; it is much to be regretted when it occurs during the season proper .
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Slang which determines the win and loss.
A term, which designates dice action of win-lose, win-lose, win-lose, etc.
Passes and misses that are not consistent and do not produce good runs of winning rolls.
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Change in operation control; for example, when ship shifts from TYCOM operational control to that of numbered fleet commander.
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a vertical mode of operation for dual-trace oscilloscopes in which the display is switched between the two channels at some fixed rate. This mode should be used for slow sweep rates.
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2 or more singletons in a row on the score card.
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Expressions Cleat Parts
Metal sheared from a vertical surface of a die forging, which is spread by the die over an adjoining horizontal surface.
term used to designate a blackjack game with no discernible pattern.
a multi source multi target reachability operation (i
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The land at each side of the mouth of a river, harbor, or channel; as, East Chop or West Chop. See Chops.
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A permit or clearance.
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To interrupt; -- with in or out.
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Quality; brand; as, silk of the first chop.
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remove pixels from the interior of an image
To exchange; substitute one thing for another.
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Change of Operational Control