Definitions for "Chock"
Keywords:  mooring, hawsers, towing, dock, deck
A heavy casting of metal, usually fixed near the gunwale. It has two short horn-shaped arms curving inward, between which ropes or hawsers may pass for towing, mooring, etc.
A fitting that a line can pass through and be controlled.
a heavy metal casting through which lines may pass for mooring or towing.
Keywords:  wedge, stoppers, hexes, passive, climb
Any metal wedging device that is slotted into a crack as an anchor or protection. Nuts, Stoppers, Hexes, passive wedges.
High-energy food supplement tablets, often carried as trail snacks. In rock-climbing, a soft, easily crumbled, light colored form of rock.
Keywords:  encounter
To encounter.
An encounter.
support on chocks; "chock the boat"
Large hydraulic jacks used to support roof in longwall and shortwall mining systems.
Keywords:  cargo, firmly, sideways, rolling, tires
A piece of wood or other material placed at the side of cargo to prevent it from rolling about or moving sideways.
A piece of wood or other material placed at the side of tires or cargo to prevent rolling or moving.
A piece of sound wood or other material, placed firmly against the wheel of a freight car and on the ball of the rail to prevent cars from rolling away. Used in conjunction with the car's hand brake.
Sudden and usually unpleasant surprise suffered by Spanish seaman.
Keywords:  aft, entirely, home
Entirely; quite; as, chock home; chock aft.
Keywords:  cavity, fill
To fill up, as a cavity.
Keywords:  matches, turned, table, player, down
When the turned-over card matches the card a player has just put down on the table.
Keywords:  secure
secure with chocks