Definitions for "CHIVE"
A perennial plant (Allium Schoenoprasum), allied to the onion, having hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning. The young leaves are used in omelets, etc.
the bulbous herb Allium Schoenoprasum used fresh as a mild onion-flavored seasoning.
A small invasive perennial plant of the onion family with thin tubular leaves and purple flowers. The chopped leaves have a mild onion flavor and are used as a garnish or for flavoring but not with prolonged cooking. It is used for its fine aroma in sauces and omelets. The flowers are used for decorating dishes.
Keywords:  stamen, filament
A filament of a stamen.
CHIVE provides an extensible framework on top of which software visualisation tool researchers can quickly develop tools that take advantage of the 3-Dimensional graph representations inbuilt in the framework or extend them to suit their own requirements