Definitions for "Chirp"
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Pulsed frequency modulation scheme in which a carrier is swept over a wide frequency band during a given pulse interval.
sing in modulation
a sinusoid that sweeps over a frequency range
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Chirp is a companion program to Cricket - a network monitoring tool written by Jeff Allen of WebTV - designed to help automate the task of producing and maintaining configuration files for Cricket.
CHIRP is a tool for automating the creation of configuration trees for Cricket. It supports a plugin architecture for adding drivers which produce Cricket configuration files and supports automatic detection of device types. When a network device is identified, CHIRP dynamically associates a driver with it to produce the configuration file.
To make a shop, sharp, cheerful, as of small birds or crickets.
Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting system, whereby professional pilots and ATC staff may report in confidence incidents arising from human errors for analysis by the CHIRP Charitable Trust at Farnborough.