Definitions for "Chinook "
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A warm westerly wind from the country of the Chinooks, sometimes experienced on the slope of the Rocky Mountains, in Montana and the adjacent territory.
easterly off the Rocky Mountains)
A warm, dry wind experienced along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada. Most common in winter and spring, it can result in a rise in temperature of 20C (35 to 40F) in a quarter of an hour.
One of a tribe of North American Indians now living in the state of Washington, noted for the custom of flattening their skulls. Chinooks also called Flathead Indians.
A jargon of words from various languages (the largest proportion of which is from that of the Chinooks) generally understood by all the Indian tribes of the northwestern territories of the United States.
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha This is Alaska's state fish and is one of the most important sport and commercial fish native to the Pacific coast of North America. These fish are also known as king salmon, as well as spring, quinnat, tyee, tule and blackmouth. They are the largest of the Pacific salmon.
Large, two-bladed cargo helicopter
CH-47 helicopter that had twin rotor blades and could move very heavy loads.
the CH-47, twin rotor, cargo helicopter. Also called "Shithook" or "Hook".
Chinook is a stop on the South Line (Route 201) of the C-Train light rail system in Calgary, Alberta. The station is a three-block walk from the Chinook Centre shopping centre, Calgary's largest. A free bus provides transportation to the mall from the station.
Chinook is a computer program that plays English draughts, developed around 1989 at the University of Alberta, led by Jonathan Schaeffer. Other developers are Rob Lake, Paul Lu, Martin Bryant, and Norman Treloar.
The University Libraries online catalog and database gateway. Chinook provides access to the millions of holdings in the University Libraries -- including all departments in the Norlin Library building and the five external libraries (Business, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Math/Physics, Music). It includes, but is not limited to, books, periodicals, compact disks, microfilm and microfiche, musical scores, videocassettes and DVDs, electronic databases, and more.
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See 'föhn'.
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Cirrocumulus Clouds
Chinook is an online tool for interactive content collaboration. It allows users to upload content in the form of PDF files or PowerPoint presentations, and then view this content and comment on it in a forum environment. It also allows users to upload background material relevant to the discussion, and submit responses with file attachments.
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a Penutian language spoken by the Chinook people
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The Chinook is a rare sleddog type or variety developed in the New England region of the USA in the early 20th century.