Definitions for "Chine coll"
Keywords:  coll, heavier, adhere, collage, appliqu
A method that uses glue during the printing process in order to adhere a thin, often Oriental, sheet of paper to a heavier sheet. The fragile paper is able to take a finer impression than the more substantial paper beneath. In contemporary prints, chine collé is often used for purely aesthetic purposes, exploiting the visual qualities of the collé paper rather than its ability to reproduce fine impressions.
A thin sheet of Oriental paper is pressed to a heavier backing sheet when it is put through the press for printing.
A chine appliqué or chine collé is a print in which the image is impressed onto a thin sheet of China paper which is backed by a stronger, thicker sheet. China paper takes an intaglio impression more easily than regular paper, so chine appliqué prints generally show a richer impression than standard prints. Proof prints are often done as chine appliqués.