Definitions for "chill "
A moderate but disagreeable degree of cold; a disagreeable sensation of coolness, accompanied with shivering.
A sensation of cold with convulsive shaking of the body, pinched face, pale skin, and blue lips, caused by undue cooling of the body or by nervous excitement, or forming the precursor of some constitutional disturbance, as of a fever.
An iron mold or portion of a mold, serving to cool rapidly, and so to harden, the surface of molten iron brought in contact with it.
A check to enthusiasm or warmth of feeling; discouragement; as, a chill comes over an assembly.
Discouraging; depressing; dispiriting.
To check enthusiasm or warmth of feeling of; to depress; to discourage.
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relax, hang out, enjoy oneself with little pressure or distraction to ruin the mood. "We're just chilling and listening to phat beats... want to come over?" also used as an adjective to describe someone who has an even temperament and goes with the flow of life. "He's pretty chill, he never seems to even get angry." See chill out, chillax.
To relax or calm down.
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a seven track reunion CD
Chill is a role-playing game that captures the feel of 20th-century horror films. Players take on the role of Envoys, members of a secret organization known as S.A.V.E. that tracks down and eliminates evil in the world. The overall flavour of the game is reflected in movies such as John Carpenter's Vampires, the Hammer Horror films and The Omen.
CCITT High Level Language, CCITT standard Z.200. CHILL is a programming language for managing real-time systems. Not only is the performance of an operation important in such systems, but also its timing and sequence in relation to other operations and the requirements of the external environment.
In computing, CHILL, (an acronym for CCITT High Level Language), is a procedural programming language designed for use in telecommunications switches (ie, the hardware used inside telephone exchanges).
Verbal admonition as declared by one experiencing significant Neptune transits to individuals that possess too much Saturn and/or Uranus.
Chill is a British radio station dedicated to chill out, ambient and trip-hop music.
Chill is a electronica radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 35 and DISH Network channel 6035.
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a sudden numbing dread
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an exclusive Finish Line shoe made for the NBA
to reduce temperature moderately without freezing Chimney effect: the tendency of air or gas to rise in a duct or other vertical passage when heated
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cloak close coat coin
chill is a PHP implementation of a cookie-based defense against hot linking that does not rely on JavaScript or the value of HTTP_REFERER.
The Consortium of Independent Health Information Libraries in London (CHILL) is an association of libraries in the greater London area specializing in information on health and medicine.
a recognized sign of beginning illness