Definitions for "Chiang Kai-shek"
Keywords:  taiwan, shek, jiang, jieshi, yat
(Jiang Jieshi, 1887-1975). A military leader, trained in Russia. In 1928 Chiang Kai-shek became chairman of the GMD and head of the ROC government in Nanjing, and he remained the leader throughout the civil war. In 1949 the GMD govern-ment on the mainland collapsed; Chiang and his followers re-treated to Taiwan.
President of Republic of China 1928-1949; after defeat by the Communists, led the regime in Taiwan until death in 1975.
General and leader of the Republic of China from 1925 - 1949 who then moved his government to the island of Taiwan; given name Jiang Jieshi, 1887 - 1975.