Definitions for "Chenille"
Tufted cord, of silk or worsted, for the trimming of ladies' dresses, for embroidery and fringes, and for the weft of Chenille rugs.
A yarn with short, cut fibers protruding from it, giving a "fuzzy" appearance.
A woven fabric similar to cut velvet, and usually a thicker pile. This fabric, named from the French word for caterpillar, is woven of soft velvety cords and used for throws, scarves, clothes, etc.
Keywords:  buggers, wooly, furry, flies, cleaner
a furry rope-like material for making the bodies of artificial flies. The bodies end up looking like a pipe cleaner (with thread in place of the stiff wire). Can be found in many colors and materials, and is a critical component of the Wooly Worm and Wooly Buggers patterns.