Definitions for "chemotherapy"
the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness); -- also used especially in reference to the use of chemicals to treat cancer.
the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells.
(also systemic treatment) - drugs used to kill cancer cells.
Lesion Thermoregulation
Lymphokines Thermoregulation
Intravenous Sinusitis
The administration of oral or intravenous anticancer medications.
Lethal Sinusitis
Micturition Sphincter
Lumbar Sphincter
Keywords:  leptospirosis, serine
Leptospirosis Serine
Keywords:  serology, liposome
Liposome Serology
Keywords:  synergistic
Keywords:  stomatitis, lupus
Lupus Stomatitis
Keratoconjunctivitis Spores
Keywords:  thyroxine, meningitis
Meningitis Thyroxine
Keywords:  idiopathic, psychology
Idiopathic Psychology
Keywords:  resected, lymphoma
Lymphoma Resected
Keywords:  inoperable, proximal
Inoperable Proximal
Keywords:  kanamycin, secretion
Kanamycin Secretion
Keywords:  sarcoma, invasive
Invasive Sarcoma
Keywords:  incidental
Medulloblastoma Screening
Keywords:  leprosy, stomach
Leprosy Stomach
Keywords:  lasik, retina
LASIK Retina
Keywords:  medullary, species
Medullary Species
Keywords:  rheumatoid, ligament
Ligament Rheumatoid
Keywords:  sneezing
Keywords:  sympathetic, mediator
Mediator Sympathetic
Inflammation Seizures
Inflammation Spices
Keywords:  spectrum
Keywords:  resolving
Keywords:  membrane